Linked 56

5th-6th Grade

Linked 56 is an exclusive group of 5th and 6th graders that are part of a ministry specifically designed for them! Our goal at Hope Church, is to to encourage them to deepen their relationships with Jesus at such a significant time in their lives. Our motto is “Discovering True Identity In Christ”. We want to build personal connections by showing them the love of Jesus while they learn what it means to love and serve others. With His guidance, we will help them understand who they are, where they belong and that they are not alone in this world.
Nothing is more important to us than giving our Next Generation the opportunity to develop in their faith so that they can have a solid Biblical foundation to stand on. “Grow” curriculum is one of the learning tools we use to help them succeed from early childhood into their adult life. Investing in the lives of our tweens will strengthen and spiritually prepare them to transition into our Student Ministry and beyond. When it comes to our Next Generation, we want to journey alongside each parent/guardian to help equip them in shepherding their families.

Sunday Morning

9:00am and 11:00am

During each Sunday morning service, Linked 56 will worship with their families in the main auditorium. Once worship has ended, they are dismissed and escorted to their class for large group time, age specific lessons, engaging Bible discussions and activities. After class, tweens will go to the Library where parents will pick them up after service.

Keeping our Next Generation safe is very important to us. Every volunteer receives a background check and is carefully considered for their roles in our ministry. We require each child to be checked-in and given a name tag with a code that is unique to your family. After each service, parents use their tags to ensure safe pick up of their children.

Wednesday Night


Our Mid-Week services are all about family and fellowship! On Wednesday nights, we gather for a meal starting at 6:00pm. Following the meal, Linked 56 will worship in the main service with their families until dismissed, and then they will be escorted to their class for small group time including fun games and a Bible lesson review. After class, tweens will go to the Library where parents will pick them up after service has ended. Mid-Week is a great way for kids and families to come together, refresh and reconnect with one another during the week.

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