Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We believe that missions is a vital part of the church. God has positioned Hope Church to be extremely generous.  We are active locally, nationally, and throughout all parts of the world.

Active Missionary Partners

International Mission Network

Flower Mound, TX + Nicaragua
Ralph and Donna Holland have 30+ missionaries around the world that they have helped raise up and raise support for. They also work heavily with a school in Nicaragua named after Donna.

Ethnos Movement International

George, South Africa
Ethnos' mission is to train and send small, specialized mission teams to the least reached people groups, areas, and vulnerable communities. These teams will function as catalysts to develop and activate grassroots and organic discipleship movements in these areas and communities.

Julius & Kirna

Somerset East, South Africa
Julius and Kirna are working to cultivate young leaders to positively impact rural-agricultural communities.

Neels & Esma

George, South Africa
Neels and Esma work to bring women off the street by providing them with a job and a skill.

Riian & Lyndsey

West Africa
Riian and Lyndsey work in a heavily Muslim population. They are working to build relationships and share the hope of Christ.

Damon Whitlow

Christ Flight Ministries - Bahamas
Our ministry supports the missionaries, pilots, their aircraft, and their families financially, and with volunteers from the United States.

Check out Christ Flight Ministries here

Jake & Whitney Beverly

Czech Republic
Jake and Whitney felt led to the Czech Republic to serve the people and help make more disciples. They are currently working on learning the native language and building relationships and hope to one day be a part of a church plant.